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A Mantle is Placed ...

An Answer to a Calling is made ... 

A Ministry is Birthed ...

in the Birthing Chamber of a Basement

Women of Worship & Warfare International (WOWW) was birthed by a woman whose heart has been captivated by the Love of God. Pastor Roseanna Campos,

Women of Worship & Warfare International’s Founder & CEO, is a huge believer in prayer, spiritual deliverance, and maintaining one’s restoration – with an emphasis on seeking the presence of God through worship. WOWW's ministry has over 20 years of spiritual warfare and deliverance experience.


The ministry was birthed in the basement of Pastor Roseanna's home as people came from all cities of the Inland Empire region. It was in her basement, which became a place for the Presence of God to dwell and rest as all experienced The Lord in a great and might way. An Upper Room encounter with God occurred as those present worshipped in one accord with a passion and fervor. As a result, many lives have been delivered, set free, healed, restored and transformed. 

 ~ Acts


Nevertheless, the expansion of the basement gatherings now allowed the incorporation of WOWW to formally become a non-profit organization by helping women (and men) with children in many ways. Assisting people to embrace and understand the power of worship, The Word of God and prayer to combat life’s challenges. WOWW has successfully mentored thousands of women from diverse churches, economic backgrounds and communities to a place of wholeness with The Word of God and The Holy Spirit as the foundation. Mentors of WOWW teach and embolden those seeking restoration to achieve success by inspiring them to know their true identity in Christ to accomplish, keep and sustain a full life transformation and Christ unified established life.

~ Ephesians 6:10-18


Women of Worship & Warfare is a Movement, directed and led by God, to empower, equip and train women to walk in their Kingdom called purpose for the glory of God. WOWW now is privileged to attend to the sick, feed the homeless and women in a state of desperation and hopelessness through spiritual and personal enrichment, domestic violence advocacy, job prep, and numerous sources. WOWW has been able to resource through several community channels to assist women to endure and overcome life adversity and challenges. WOWW is a ministry of women knitted from different churches to advance The Kingdom of God. As a result, women will leave a spiritual legacy for their children, and, their children’s children.

~ Proverbs 31

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